Summer Staff: Must be at least one year removed from high school and a strong, practicing Christian to be eligible for this position.  The primary duties of a Summer Staff member will be to facilitate summer camp activities and to mentor the youth.  Staff Counselor’s primary duties will be to stay in the cabins with the youth, to oversee the other counselors and act as a liaison between the staff and volunteer counselors.  

Please print, fill out and return the Summer Staff Application by NO LATER THAN February 5th at Midnight CST.  All applications received after the deadline will not be considered eligible for hire.  (Applications will become available November 1st)

All Summer Staff need to attend an interview weekend; however if this is not possible, please contact the Program Director for other options: 

  • Interview Weekend: Feb 10 - Feb 12
  • Interview Weekend: March 24 - March 26  

Mail In: Summer Staff Application

Online: Summer Staff Application 

All Summer Staff must complete Safe Environment and submit a Background Check before the summer.  Please follow link to Safe Environment and follow the four step process on the Diocesan website to become Safe Environment Compliant. 


Staff Activity Training Days (Not Mandatory):   We are offering several days for the staff to come to Gasper River before the Summer to learn how to lead the activities and begin gaining hours to work towards being checked off.  Mark your calendars! 

  • Element Training for Summer staff 2017 is TBA
  • Christmas Camp is a great opportunity for training. 
  • Mandatory staff training will start May 19 for returning staff and May 20th for All new St