Vertical Playground:

The Vertical Playground is our newest challenge element!  Harness in and attempt to climb 4 separate stages-the rope ladder, the tires, the giant ladder and the cargo net to ring the cow bell at the top-a whopping 45 feet in the air!  This element challenges the participant to get way out of their comfort zone and see how high they can go.  Age Requirement: 5th Grade+

Giant Swing:

The Giant Swing is an awesome group experience!  One person will be lifted up to 42 feet into the air by the rest of the group.  When the desired height is reached, the participant will pull the rip cord and go flying through the air!  This wonderful element challenges you go higher than you thought you could go and to work as a part of a team to lift others to new heights! Age Requirement: 7th Grade+

Jacob's Ladder:

Grab a partner and challenge yourself on our newest High Element!  Climb Jacob's Ladder using only your partner and rungs of the ladder that get farther apart as you go 30 feet up in the air. This challenge encourages teamwork, communication and trust while helping individuals develop problem solving skills and self-confidence.  Two trained Gasper River staff will lead you this activity.  Age Requirement: High School+

Low Elements Course:

The Low Elements Course provides awonderful opportunity for experiential learning.  Challenges, ranging from simple to verydifficult, encourage groups to utilize teamwork, communication, problem solvingand trust to accomplish their goals.  Theelements include the Trolleys, Trust Walk, The King's Finger, Whale Watch, Moon Walk, Spider Web,  Nuclear Fence, Lava Pit, Maze, Wall, Swamp Swap and Trust Fall.  Age Requirement: Varies By Element; Minimum 3rd Grade 

Zip Line:

Get ready to take a step out in faith! The zipline challenges participants to get out of their comfort zone and step out into the air.  A trained staff member will lead you through all of the steps for the ride of a lifetime on our 350 ft. zip line!  This challenge helps build self esteem, self confidence, communication and trust!  It's a Gasper River favorite!!! Age Requirement: 5th Grade+