Q: Who can use the facilities at GRCYCRC?

A: Click Here for more information.

Q: What should I bring on retreat?

A: We have put together a list to help aid you in packing.  Click Here to view.

Q: Do I need to provide a schedule in advance to GRCYCRC or can I decide to add in meals or activities once I arrive?

 A: We ask that all groups provide a schedule in advance for meals and activities as we will need to coordinate the schedules of multiple groups as well as find staff to work each weekend.  Both meals and activities are scheduled on a first come first serve basis; thus if you are wanting to utilize our activity or meal services we ask that you be willing to schedule well in advance of your groups arrival time so we can provide a great experience to all our guests.

Q: What can we do with our free time?

A: GRCYCRC has sports equipment that can be made available upon request.  We have 2 large fields, 4 and 9 Square Courts, Gaga Pit, Volleyball and Basketball Courts that your group can utilize during free time.  

Q: What supplies do you have that we can borrow/use in our program?

A: At no additional charge GRCYCRC provides a color TV monitor with DVD player, podium, easels with white board and markers, as well as a projector and screen.  These can be made available to you upon request.  For a small fee, GRCYCRC can also provide you with a sound system (2 speakers and a microphone). 

Q: Does GRCYCRC sponsor any retreats or events?

A: The Family Life Office and GRCYCRC have joined together to provide several Family Camp retreat weekends.  All other programs are sponsored by the groups who come here.

Q: Do you have Wi-fi and Cable TV?

A: There is Wi-fi in Boone Lodge and McRaith Lodge that is password protected.  Group leaders will be given the password upon request and may determine if they wish to give the password to their retreatants.  However there is no Wi-fi in the Cabin Lodge or Cable TV available in any building.  

Q: How much land do you have?

A: 175 acres.


Q: How do I make a reservation?

A: Reservations are made on a first come first serve basis.  Begin by contacting our Office Manager to check for available dates.  Once you have committed to a date the Office Manager will send a Reservation Contract for you to sign and return with a deposit. 

Q: Can I tentatively schedule a date for a retreat?

A: No.  GRCYCRC does not tentatively schedule dates for retreats.  Only once you have committed to a date can we block off the dates and buildings you wish to reserve.

Q: Does GRCYCRC require a deposit?

A: Yes.  Once you have reserved a date, you will have 30 days to return your Reservation Contract with a deposit of 40% of the total building cost. 

Q: If I have to cancel my retreat, can I get a refund?

A: Groups that fail to cancel within forty-five (45) days of the scheduled retreat will lose their entire deposit.  Contact our office asap if you must cancel for any reason.

Q: Do I have to have a certain amount of people to book a retreat?

A: Yes.  There is a minimum requirement for overnight accommodations for each building. You must have at least thirty (30) to reserve Boone Lodge, twenty (20) to reserve McRaith Lodge and eleven (11) to reserve the Cabin Lodge.

Q: Can I see the facilities before I book a retreat?

A: Yes.  Please call our office during business hours to set up a tour.  As we are a retreat center, we have many groups on the property throughout the week as well as the weekend.  We ask that all those wishing to tour the groups set up an appointment so as not to disrupt others retreats.

Q: Are all groups required to provide a Certificate of Insurance?

A: Yes.  All groups must be able to provide a certificate of insurance.  If your group cannot provide a Certificate of Insurance you are required to purchase Special Events Insurance through the Diocese of Owensboro. 

Q: What is Special Events Insurance?

A: It is a one-time fee and coverage for a particular event; the rate will be determined by the insurance provider.  Contact our office if you have further questions about Insurance Coverage.

Q: If we would like to do mass, do we need to bring our own supplies?

A: No.  GRCYCRC will make mass supplies available upon request.  However each group is required to contact and organize a priest for mass.  Groups are encouraged to provide a stipend to local priests who take time out of their busy schedules to say mass or hear confessions.

Q: If I need anything while on my retreat, who do I need to call?

A: There will be someone assigned to host each retreat.  This person will greet you when you arrive and be available for the duration of your retreat should you need anything.  There is a number on the exit survey with the host’s cell phone number in case you need anything. 

Q: What do we need to do at the end of our retreat?

A: Please ensure that you have filled out your exit survey and returned this to the host.  Pull all trash and return any furniture that was moved back to its original place.  Many hands make light work, the GRCYCRC staff would appreciate it if you would wipe down and put all tables and chairs away before you depart. 

Q: Can I use a Credit Card to pay for my retreat?

A: No.  At your retreat you will be asked to fill out an exit survey with all the necessary information for billing.  Afterwards our office will mail out an invoice with the total cost for your retreat.  Payment should be submitted as soon as possible.


 Q: What kind of lodging do you provide?

A: Click Here to view our Lodging accommodations.  All buildings on have heat and air, Wi-fi (except for Cabin Lodge), sleeping spaces as well as restrooms and showers. 

Q: How many beds are in each buildings? 

A: Boone Lodge: 60, McRaith Lodge: 36, Cabin Lodge: 22.  The total capacity for GRCYCRC is 118 beds.  Please call our office and speak to the Office Manager about reserving the entire grounds for a retreat.

Q: Where can I park?

A: Parking in limited around some buildings.  As we can have multiple retreats happening in a weekend, we ask that each group park in front of the building they have reserved.  Overflow parking is in front of the Dining Hall; please do not park on the grass or in the fields.  This can tear up the grounds and leave behind worn patches.  Help us maintain the beauty of Gasper River by parking and driving only in designated areas.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Q: Are your facilities handicap accessible?

A: As of right now, Boone Lodge and the Dining Hall are the only buildings that are handicap accessible. 


Q: What type of activities does your facility provide for groups to utilize?

A: Click Here to view the various adventure activities GRCYCRC has to offer.  When scheduling for activities please allow at least a two (2) hour time slot for each activity time.  If you have a group larger than 15-20 people you will need to plan on multiple activity time slots.  We want to ensure that there is plenty of time for everyone to attempt the adventure activity you have chosen and so we cannot accommodate more than 15-20 people on an activity.

Q: If I want to do activities, is there anything special I need to do?

A: Yes, please speak with the Office Manager about scheduling your activities prior to your retreat.  Also each person who attends the retreat must sign and return a Risk and Release Form before they are allowed to participate.  If someone does not have a signed Risk and Release Form, due to insurance purposes we will not be able to allow them to participate in activities. 

Q: I have someone at my church who worked at a camp in the past, can they lead our group on the Low Elements or other adventure activities?

A: No.  Due to insurance purposes all adventure activities, including the campfire, must be lead and supervised by a trained GRCYCRC employee. 

Food Service

Q: Does GRCYCRC provide meal services?

A: Yes.  Click Here to check out our Dining Hall and view a Sample Menu.

Q: I have special dietary needs (allergies, vegetarian, vegan, etc).  Can your dining services accommodate these?

A: We strive to provide the best services possible and will do our best to accommodate special dietary needs.  However this can be tricky so we ask that you please discuss all special dietary needs in advance with our staff.

Q: If we decide that we want to cancel our food service through GRCYCRC and provide it for ourselves, what is the cancellation policy?

A: Because we must order food for each retreat in advance, if you change your mind and decide to cancel food service through GRCYCRC you must do so at least seven (7) days prior to your retreat.  If you cancel after this window you will be charged 50% of the total for food that was ordered.

Q: How many people can the Dining Hall seat?

A: The Dining Hall seats 118 people.

Q: What if I don’t want to utilize GRCYCRC’s meal services; am I allowed to cook for my group?

A: Yes.  GRCYCRC has a residential size refrigerator, freezer, oven and microwave in each building.  However you will have to supply all cooking and dining supplies for your meal.  This includes all cookware, bake ware, utensils, plates, bowls, cups, etc that you will need to cook and eat. 

Q: Do I need to bring ice?

A: No.  At no charge to you, ice can be provided for your group upon request.