Gasper River Catholic Youth Camp

 Dress Code

 Shorts should extend past the camper’s fingertips with arms by their side. (shorts need to be about mid-thigh for harness safety and climbing gear safety)

  • Tank tops may be worn as long as the straps are wider than three of the camper’s fingers and do not have large arm holes. (this applies to male and female campers)
  • Midriffs must be covered.
  • Underwear should always be covered.
  • One-piece swimsuits are required; tankini’s are allowed as long as the mid-riff is covered at all times.
  • Clothing with slogans promoting alcohol, sex, tobacco, drugs, profanity or death themes are not allowed.
  • Must have shoes that are supportive, with at least a strap around the heel (boots, tennis shoes, most water shoes, etc.)  No flip flops, please. 

 These guidelines exist not to tell you who to be, but to ensure that modest dress is followed and that what one wears does not distract another from the purpose of camp:  growing in our faith.  They are also in place to ensure safety during camp activities. 

What to Bring to Camp

 At least one week’s worth of clothing.  Be sure to bring clothes that can get dirty or wet.  Remember to pack a few warmer things (jeans, sweats, jacket, etc.), and extra socks & underwear.

At least a couple of pairs of comfortable old shoes/boots.  Your shoes will get dirty, wet, muddy, grassy, etc!  Closed-toe shoes for any of the adventure activities.  No flip flops, please.

Swimsuit (one piece only - no bare mid-riffs; see above dress code) and beach towel


Raincoat/Poncho (if you have one)

Toiletries such as soap, shampoo, toothbrush/toothpaste, deodorant, etc. 

Linens (towels, wash cloths, sheets, blanket/sleeping bag, pillow, etc.)

Laundry Bag/Bag for wet clothes

Insect repellent

Water Shoes- Must have strap around heel.  Closed Toe is preferable, but not required.

                                                    Things You May Want to Bring

Bible, journal, etc.

Flashlight (comes in handy, not required)

Camera (not required)

Paper, pen/pencil, addressed envelopes, cards, stamps, etc. (not required)

Medication (All medication must be in the original container with prescriptions in the name of the child.  All medication must be checked in at registration.

 What to Leave at Home

 Cell Phones,  Fidget Spinners, Video Games, Watches, Firearms, Knives, Fireworks, Alarm Clocks, I-Pods/MP3 Players, Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco, Money (Purchase Canteen Cards at registration.)

  • Food/Drinks/Snacks (multiple campers with food allergies)